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Popeye Golf Racer Golf Club Driver Head Cover

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SAILOR. TOUGH-GUY. HERO. LEGEND. That's Popeye! An underdog with bulging forearms, a mean uppercut and a love of canned spinach. Unassuming, unsophisticated and undeterred by a challenge, from the minute he walked into the comic strip, Popeye the Sailor Man captured the hearts of millions of fans around the globe. Popeye became quickly ingrained in American culture, and remains one of the most recognizable pop-culture icons in the world. Today, Popeye and the crew bring the fun in your favorite sport- golf! This golf club cover provides superior leather fabric for all day protection. Featuring high quality embroidered Popeye graphics, this elevated take on a classic golf club cover will be your new go-to item on and out of the golf course!
  • High-quality synthetic leather material that offers fade resistant color, leather look and feel and extra durability
  • Sleek flannel liner that protects the club head, to protect your golf head from the dings and damage
  • High quality embroidered logos, and stripe details at top
  • Gathered back panel ensuring a secure fit that is easy to take on and off but not slip off
  • Sizing: 14 x 5.5 x 3 inches - One size fits standard driver golf club heads